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CareFree, CareFree+ & Call Monitoring

Whether your requirement is to implement a scheduling and rostering solution, call monitoring or a fully integrated real time system, CareFree and CareFree+ are the products to investigate further. If you already have one part of the solution, this is not an issue as the expertise within CareFree Management ensures that 99% of systems can be integrated with either CareFree or Call Monitoring.

The requirement for a substantial scheduling and rostering solution is evident to every homecare provider within the UK from the initial start up businesses to local authorities. The need of having a solution available that has all the functional requirements but still has the key benefit of being easy to use is essential.


A typical screen shot from CareFree highlighting when and where a particular carer is. The activities are colour coded which ensures that exceptions or areas that need addressing are easily identified.

This makes the management of change easy and drastically reduces day to day administration.

This is a typical screen shot of CareFree and the verify screen. This immediately identifies the calls which have been completed and matched within the system. Where there is an issue such as an unscheduled or missed visit this is classed as an exception and can be dealt with immediately or on an as and when basis.

CareFree+ Screen Shot - Verifies Actual vs Scheduled. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

The essence of our work at CareFree Management Ltd is a commitment to facilitate the homecare providers of the UK with a comprehensive solution that is a true user friendly software product.

Many organisations when looking at professional management systems, overlook some key areas that are essential when choosing the correct solution for their business. At CareFree Management we believe that our professional outlook, combined with our associated services such as implementation, project management, training and support provide the structure along with CareFree as the only choice to consider when investigating this critical area of your business.

CareFree has been designed and developed by professionals who are/have been involved with the domiciliary care sector which ensures that all the relevant aeas are covered within the software. CareFree is a an easy to use visual rostering solution that manages the full cycle, from new client packages through change management to invoice poduction.

Homecare management requires a system that will help you to demonstrate and evaluate the quality of care that you are delivering. In addition to this you also have a requirement to monitor your care, with confidence for both employees and clients. AT CareFree Management we believe that our suite of software accompanied by our services are second to none and invite you to look at CareFree as "The True Real Time Solution" for homecare scheduling, rostering and call monitoring.

CareFree QuickSupport

CareFree offers support in many ways. One of the most popular and successful ways is via our QuickSupport option. The two methods we offer are Powered by AMMYY and TeamViewer, we offer a secure 256bit encrypted connection direct between our PCs and your Desktop. Each session has a unique password, meaning connection can only be gained when someone on the client machine allows it. Simply click on one of the links below when requested by a member of our support team and run the QuickSupport software.

QuickSupport 1 (Ammyy).
QuickSupport 2 (TeamViewer).

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Around 98,200 households (28% of households) received intensive home care in 2005 (defined as more than 10 contact hours and 6 or more visits during the week). This represents a 6% increase from the 2004 figure of 92,300

Source: The Information Centre NHS

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Works with Vista
Works with Vista
Typical Rota Screen Shot. CLICK TO ENLARGE.